Ant control

Ant control

Ants are among the most common insects in homes and gardens. It can be disposed of using Atlas Pest Control Company. It is also recommended to clean the house well and remove any leftover food that could attract ants.

Ants are one of the annoying pests inside homes. It can be disposed of by spraying insecticides in the places where ants come out or pass through. You can also put pieces of soap in these places to expel ants, as ants hate the smell of soap.

Ants spread abundantly in the summer, causing great inconvenience. It is recommended to spray plants with insecticides to kill ants crawling on them. Also, any cracks or openings in the walls that ants can enter the house must be sealed.

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It is preferable to use natural methods to control ants, such as mint and black pepper, instead of chemical pesticides. They can be placed in places frequented by ants to repel them. Also keeping the kitchen clean is essential to not attract ants.

One of the best ways to repel ants is to use borax, which reacts with sodium acid to produce ant-killing hydrogen gas. Borax is placed in places where ants pass and gather to get rid of it quickly.

Black ants are common indoors in the spring. It can be eliminated by spraying a solution of white vinegar diluted with water around the house. It is also preferable to close the openings of the sewers well to prevent the entry of ants through them.

Elimination of ants in Dubai and Sharjah
When ants are effectively controlled, other insects that share a shelter with them are also eliminated.

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