White ant control (Al-Rama)

White ant control (Al-Rama)

What are termites and how are they identified?

Termites or termites are among the most common pests that infect homes. They feed on wood and wood and can cause great damage to homes and properties. It is about 2-3 mm in size, and is usually white or light yellow in color. Termites can be identified by looking for damaged wood pipes and broken nails in the areas

How to get rid of termites using insecticides

Insecticides are one of the effective ways to get rid of termites. Liquid or granular insecticides can be used, applied to termite-infested areas. You must choose the correct insecticide for the specific type of termite and follow the instructions for use carefully.

Natural ways to get rid of termites

Many natural methods can be used to control termites. These materials can be used by applying them directly to termites or by placing them around the affected areas.

How to prevent termites

Termite prevention is the best way to prevent damage from this pest. Wood and woodwork should be stored away from moisture, and damp areas cleaned regularly. Termite prevention products can also be used to control termites, such as tinctures and periodic monitoring of wood pipes and wood at risk.

Regular home and property inspections can be used to check for any signs of termites, such as cracked wood pipes or damaged wood.

Although termites can cause significant damage to property, they can be easily overcome by following some preventive measures and using appropriate remedial options with Atlas Pest Control Company in Dubai and Sharjah.

– يمكن استخدام الأساليب الحيوية لمكافحة النمل الأبيض، مثل استخدام الطيور المفترسة أو النمل الأسود للتخلص من النمل الأبيض.
– ينصح بالتعاون مع شركه اطلس لمكافحة الآفات المحترفة في حالة انتشار وتفشي النمل الأبيض بشكل كبير،في دبي والشارقه حيث يمكنهم تقديم خدمات تخصصية للتخلص من هذه الآفة بطرق آمنة وفعالة.دبي والشارقه

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